Toilet Paper Storage – Fun and Functional Ideas

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Don’t you know, it’s the worst when the toilet paper roll runs out just when you need it most.

 a collage of 6 different toilet paper storage holders, baskets, and stands.

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You can make things a lot easier for yourself and your guests if you store your toilet paper within easy reach.

And it seems that some of those among us have a lot more TP to store these days, am i right? (wink, wink)

Whether you have a small bathroom or something grand, use these toilet paper storage ideas to hide your tissue in plain sight.

Toilet Paper Stand Storage

The easiest and most obvious place to store toilet tissue is right in the stand.

It’s a perfect solution for small bathrooms, too.

stainless toilet paper stand with storage for additional rolls from Target
Image Source: Target

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This is my favorite toilet paper stand – unfortunately it does not have storage, but it does have a nifty little secret.

Toilet Paper Storage Canister

Another option is to have a vertical canister to hold your toilet paper – without the roll that you are actually using.

decorative silver toilet paper storage tower in corner of bathroom behind toilet

This style works well if your toilet paper holder is built into the wall and you don’t need a freestanding unit.

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Personally, I prefer the open canister style because it’s easier to grab a roll. The lid, I think, would just get in the way.

Top of Tank Toilet Paper Storage

Another place that you can tuck away a few extra rolls is to put them right on top of the toilet tank.

wicker toilet tank topper basket filled with 3 rolls of toilet paper

There are so many fun baskets and crates specifically designed for this that you can use.

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Wicker Toilet Paper Storage Baskets

Wicker adds a nice touch to bathroom decor. It makes a room feel summery and fresh.

Pottery Barn baskets in bathroom holding toilet paper rolls.
Image Source: Pottery Barn

You can use a large wicker basket and toss extra rolls in.

Or you can use canisters or tank toppers made with wicker.

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Galvanized Containers

If you are going for a farmhouse look, a galvanized container adds a nice touch.

oval galvanized steel tub
Image Source: Target

However, I could not find too many specific galvanized items for storing toilet tissue.

Rather, repurposing a party bucket or a cart just might do the trick.

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Where to find containers to store extra toilet paper

Lots of stores carry bathroom furniture and decor. In some cases you can also think outside of the box.

Here is a selection of my favorite places to shop:

Happy Organizing!

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