How to See a Running Balance in PayPal

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I just spent a frustrating 10 or 15 minutes trying to figure out how to see my running balance in PayPal.


Why they keep this hidden – I have no idea.

But if you are pulling your hair out looking this information, then here is the solution to your problem.

First, let me tell you that I have a business account – so it might be different if you have a personal account.

This is how you do it.

Click on the Activity Tab

Click on the Activity tab across the top to the right of the Home tab.

screenshot from PayPal to find running balance

Choose All Transactions

In the first column under Transactions choose “All Transactions”.

You will see four boxes under the long search box towards the top of your screen.

Change the Transaction Type

The second box says “Transaction Type” with the words “All Transactions” under it. To the right inside this box is a downward arrow.

screenshot from PayPal to find running balance

Click this arrow and it opens a drop down menu.

Select the first option down called “Balance Affecting”.

This will magically show you your running balance in the second to last column in the activity list on this page.


Until the Next User Interface Change

I suppose this solution will only work until PayPal changes the user interface and sends us on a new scavenger hunt.

Hopefully, this tip saved you a little time.

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  1. It is my (YOUR) RIGHT to have a running balance and your RIGHT to have it visible at all times when inside of your account. Looking for another way to accept money because this is not acceptable.

  2. I have a PP business account, too. It’s Sept 2021 and there is no running balance shown anywhere. So you have to create and download a Statement in order to see anything.
    But they STILL refuse to show a column for a running balance. They just organize the statement into sections, so yeah… we have NO idea when our accounts reached so many dollars, or when it went to zero. What a crock.

    1. Thanks for sharing this info, but the “balance affecting” option is now gone from that menu. Please let us know if you’ve found it somewhere else! I don’t even see the running balance in the downloadable CSV file. It’s so frustrating, especially when it was clearly available for years and years on the page where you land after signing in, just like in online bank account statements –as it should be. Why they’ve suddenly decided to keep hiding that info is a mystery, but it suggests to me the possibility of intent to defraud…

  3. There is a way to see the running balance (as @ 21st June 2021). However, not on a PDF report but by downloading as a csv file. Go to Activity > All Reports and select Activity Download on the left menu. Then choose Balance Effecting, [your date range] and CSV on the three drop down menus. Create the report and when it’s ready download it. The running balance will be one of the columns further to the right. It’s not necessarily with the gross, fee and net columns. If it’s not there for some reason select the link that says ‘Customise Report Fields’ which will appear only when your select the CSV format. Make sure ‘Balance’ is checked.

  4. You can get a custom report, and there IS a checkbox for ‘Balance’, but even with it selected the generated report does not include a balance column. I guess they simply don’t want us to know.

    1. Wait…. yes, you must create and download a Statement in CSV form only, which DOES show the running balance. jeez

    1. @Neena Nandagopal, UNBELIEVEABLE! I was following your information and HOPEFUL that I could once again find my running balance. But no…they removed “Balance Affecting” !! I guess they figured out…everyone was able to figure out how to get their Running Balance back! It must be that Paypal…doesn’t want its clients to know HOW their BALANCE got to be what it is. What Possible other reason could it be that they keep taking that away. It’s a feature that is elementary in its function in banking and money management!! Thank you and please let me know if you find a solution. drdude62@gmail.com

  5. Hey Neena mam ,

    Great post with effective tips to see a running balance in PayPal. Also thanks for including helpful images on your post, as it will provide us better understanding.

    PayPal is great for doing an online transaction of money. Your each of the mentioned steps are so clear, easy to understand and follow, whereas following these steps will help several users and allows them to see running balance on PayPal.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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