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College Student Gift Idea – An Awesome XBOX Mug

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary review unit of this XBOX mug from Paladone®. All opinions are my own.

Heat change XBOX Mug

Finding the best gift for a college student or high school grad is tricky. It is hard to know what they like or need. As a mom of three college aged kids and one high schooler – believe me, I know.

So, when I saw this heat change XBOX mug – I was like Yes! – my son, in particular would love this.

And I was right.

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My son came home to visit for the weekend. I hadn't told him about the XBOX heat change mug because I wanted to see his reaction.

It was so cute because he was so excited.

He is an XBOX fan and as a college student, he also drinks coffee.

But this would still make a great gift for a college student who doesn't drink coffee because they can use it for hot chocolate or the old college staple – Ramen noodles.

See This Heat Change XBOX Mug In Action

I will describe to you how this mug works – but seeing is believing. So I put this video together so you can see this XBOX mug in action.

Isn't that cool? 

So, the description …

Basically this mug changes patterns with heat.

When you take it out of the box the mug is cold. So it sports a black color with XBOX icons all over it in green – little controllers and buttons.

Then when you add a hot beverage – it doesn't matter what type (for the video I just used hot water coming out of my Keurig machine – which also makes a great graduation gift, just sayin'), the mug changes color from the all over black pattern to an XBOX green.

The green pattern shows a large controller with various weapons from some of the games across the front. It also shows the XBOX logo listed vertically down the edge in two spots.

Just a side note, this XBOX mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe because of its heat change properties.

It's best to hand wash it with a soft sponge.

Why It Makes a Great Graduation Gift

This heat change XBOX mug makes a great gift for a college student – either for graduation, birthday, or Christmas – for a few reasons:

  • college students usually need at least one mug for their dorm room
  • this mug is affordable so it's great to give in addition to something like a gift card or it's perfect on it's own as a stocking stuffer or a token gift for your kids friends or for an acquaintance
  • it is a crowd pleaser meaning that your kid and their friends will think it's pretty awesome.

Come to think of it, this mug would make a great gift for a gamer too.

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