The Best Graduation Gift Idea That Every Grad Will Love

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I am going to let you in on a little secret. This is the best graduation gift idea and just about every new grad will love it.

The best graduation gift.

It’s something that everyone needs – and might be something that they don’t know they need until they get it.

I given this graduation present to many high school and college graduates over the years and they really appreciate it.

Seriously appreciate it.


I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

It’s the gift of power. Literally.

A heavy duty portable phone charger or power bank like this one from Anker is a great high school or college graduation gift idea that every student needs.

I’m not talking the little flimsy chargers that you find at the corner store.

What I am talking about is a workhorse of a battery pack.

Features You Should Look For

Ideally, the portable charger will be:

  • compact but powerful
  • able to charge a phone or a tablet multiple times
  • have at least two ports so you can charge 2 devices at once.

As a mom of teenagers and an owner of a few Anker portable phone chargers – I know these graduation gifts are in demand.

My kids’ phones are always running low on battery so they are borrowing my phone chargers ALL THE TIME.

It’s what gave me the idea to give one as a graduation gift in the first place.

I gave one to my son’s girlfriend and she raved about it.

She took the phone charger with her on a trip. Because it had two ports, the friend she was traveling with was also able to tap into the power bank when needed.

It turned out to be a useful and practical graduation gift and that made me feel good.

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This Graduation Gift is Affordable

As the gift giver – the best part is that this graduation gift is affordable.

There are different models to choose from – all with different power levels, features, and price points.

Here are a few examples of the range of battery packs that you will find:

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