Sweet Dreams by Jewel Children’s Book Review

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Disclosure: I received a copy of the book Sweet Dreams by Jewel from Simon & Schuster for this children’s book review.

Sweet Dreams by Jewel is a beautiful book about the strength of a mother’s love.

Every book has a message and this story is all about the strength of a mother’s love for her child.

A mother and her son set off in the night on a boating adventure through the skies – collecting twinkling stars that shine just for the baby.

The mother shows her devotion to her child by telling him that the world was gray before he was born – but once his love found her, life became alive.

When a child is young, his mother is his entire world, and nothing makes him/her happier or more secure than knowing that she loves him unconditionally.

That theme is prevalent in Sweet Dreams and it is such a wonderful message to send to our children.

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Moms Play a Pivotal Role in Their Children’s Lives

It is only now – when my children are older – that I realize how important I was to them in their early years.

As moms, sometimes we are just bone tired with toddlers running around that all we want is a little quiet time to ourselves.

Yet every moment we spend with our children has a powerful impact on them. So, certainly take time for self care – but know that the sacrifices you make now are worth it.

This book serves as a reminder that while the minutes seem to drag – the years just fly.

Fathers are Important Too

Obviously, fathers play an important role in a child’s life as well.

While the mom plays a larger role in this story, dad enters the picture towards the end and picks up the sleeping baby cradling him in a warm embrace – making him feel safe and secure.

Sweet Dreams by Jewel is A Musical Lullaby

A children's book review featuring Sweet Dreams by Jewel

The author, Jewel, is a talented singer, songwriter, poet, actress, and mom. Included with the book is a four minute CD featuring Jewel singing “Sweet Dreams”.

This book is available in hardcover with cd at Amazon.com.

There is a Kindle edition (with audio recording) available for Kindle as well, but I am not sure how the audio recording portion works.

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