8 Best Christmas Ornament Storage Box Options

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The best Christmas ornament storage option is the one that keeps your precious ornaments safe throughout the year.

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Here are Some Storage Boxes To Consider

There is no one size fits all option when it comes to storing Christmas ornaments.

Each decoration is unique in its shape and size.

So, it's important to sort what you have and find protective and flexible storage options that fit your needs best.

Here is a selection.

Ornament Storage Features to Look Out For

When looking for the best ornament storage options you want to keep an eye out for some of these features:

  • Sturdiness of the outer container
  • Solid inner dividers
  • Flexible layout of inner compartments
  • Padded sections
  • Stackable storage

It will be hard to find one option that has all the features that you need.

And you may need to buy different types of boxes for different types of ornaments.

Obviously, you will want better storage for delicate glass ornaments as compared to cheaper plastic ornaments that tend to be unbreakable.

A Word of Caution on Ornament Storage Hacks

There are lots of DIY storage hacks out there that feature everything from using egg cartons, empty water bottles, to shoe boxes and newspaper.

I’ve used a combination of all of these things – and they do tend to work most of the time.

But there are downsides.

Sometimes things break.

Also, you generally place these odd shaped cartons and boxes into a bigger plastic bin or tub where they can shift and slide around.

Instead, typical dedicated Christmas ornament storage containers are sturdy on the outside and tend to stack nicely in your storage area.

This will save you a lot of time when you set up and take down your Christmas tree year after year.

Personally, I think it is worth it to have an organized set of holiday ornaments with each one having a “home”.

Why Good Christmas Ornament Storage is Important

Last year, on our trip to Lake Placid New York, my kids bought me a beautiful hand painted, glass ornament to commemorate our trip.

It truly was gorgeous – and I loved it.

I thought we had packed it away safely.

But this year, when we brought all the boxes out to set up the Christmas tree – that special ornament was broken.

The thing is – it wasn’t just a decoration, it was a memory – and losing it made me really sad.

Many of the ornaments on our tree have a story to tell.

There are those from my own childhood.

And many more from the years that we raised our own kids.

Some are handmade and others were picked up on our travels, represent activities the kids were involved in, and brought home from colleges attended.

These ornaments are priceless – so finding Christmas ornament storage that cradles and protects those memories is important.

How Do You Store Your Holiday Ornaments?

As you can see, I am a big fan of using boxes that are designed for ornament storage to protect my collection from year to year.

If you have a good solution – tell me about it in the comments below.

Here are some more ideas on how to clean up after the holidays.

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  1. I store mine in large plastic boxes, each rolled into tissue paper or something similar. One year I had a bunch of various holiday napkins leftover so I just used those. It has actually become fun to see what the wrappings were over the years. Some years I used newspaper, so when I decorate my tree I read old headlines and laugh at prices! That said, if I had a bin with divided ornament storage, it would be faster and easier, so maybe I’ll eventually upgrade!

    1. Hi Seana,
      Your Christmas ornament storage sounds like mine! I still use a few plastic baby wipes tubs from all those years ago to store small pieces of decor. However, I have been upgrading over the years to the ornament specific bins and it does make the process more organized.

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