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Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

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Here are some Christmas tree storage ideas that you can use to keep your artificial tree looking great from season to season and save space too.

a selection of artificial Christmas tree storage bags and boxes

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Our house is an artificial tree house (here are some tips on how to pick the best artificial Christmas tree). In fact, I have never had a fresh tree.

Don’t get me wrong – I love fresh trees, but I love the ease of an artificial tree more and I am so paranoid about tree fires.

But while a fake tree is somewhat easier – storing it is not.

Those things can take up a lot of space even when broken down.

So here are a few options to consider when storing yours.

But before you get started – make sure you know the size of your artificial Christmas tree.

Obviously, the storage bag or box that you choose should be big enough to fit your tree – BUT if your tree is smaller, you don’t want a huge storage option taking up a ton of space in your home either.

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Rigid Christmas Tree Storage Box

One of my favorite options for storing an artificial Christmas tree is a rigid Christmas tree storage box.

I like this option because you can easily stack the rest of your Christmas ornament storage boxes right on top.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a huge selection of these.

Since a rigid box is not as flexible as a bag, my guess is that it is harder to make a "one size fits all" option that would fit a variety of trees.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Much more common are Christmas Tree storage bags.

These duffel style bags are made of durable yet flexible materials.

Again, you should know the size of the tree that you plan to store so that you get the right size.

Sometimes the easiest way to store a tree is just as it is - standing up!

These upright Christmas tree storage bags fit right over you tree so you don't have to take it apart.

The advantage is that this type of storage takes up less horizontal space.

Store Your Christmas Tree in the Original Box

I hate to admit it, but this is what we do right now.

And every single year, I say that I will find a better solution next season.

Our box is falling apart and has been surgically put back together with rolls and rolls of packing tape.

The advantage of using the original box is that, for the most part, your tree will fit back in.

You might have to stuff it because you fluffed the branches but one way or another – the box will be about the right size.

How Do You Store Your Christmas Tree?

There are may ways to store an artificial Christmas tree – from rigid storage boxes, to duffel style bags, to upright bags, or even using the original box.

Have you come up with a creative storage solution for your own tree? If so, tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Neena,

    What a great article! I think everyone faces a problem with storing Christmas trees once the holidays are over. Every year, I and my family come up with new ideas on how we want to tackle this. But I think you shared an amazing alternative that will be helpful for years to come. Thanks a lot for sharing all of these amazing options. Since we use artificial trees as well, I think this will be the perfect storing solution for us.

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