23 of the Best Road Trip Snacks For Your Next Adventure

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When it comes to traveling by car, planning is key. Of course, the first thing you do is take care of all the major details like hotels, directions, what to pack, and what to see.

But the one thing we often leave until the last minute is packing some good road trip snacks.

For some reason, long drives make both adults and kids pretty hungry. And if you don’t have some healthy options packed – then you are at the mercy of fast food options at rest stops and junk food at convenience stores.

You end up making bad food choices and spending a whole lot more money (especially if you have a large family) than you would have if you packed snacks from home.


If you are traveling a long distance, don’t let the hot weather deter you. I have a car fridge similar to this one – and there is also a smaller size car refrigerator here – that you can use to keep your snacks cool while on the road.

straw hat with word Vacay embroidered on

Personally, on road trips, I mix things up. I like to pack lots of healthy snacks and also some candy and sweet treat options.

Here is a list of 23 road trip snacks – from healthy choices to beverages to sweet treats that you can pack for your next adventure.

Easy to Pack Road Trip Snacks

Here is massive list of 23 Road Trip Snacks that both adults and kids love. Eat healthy and save money when you travel with these great options for your family.

What Types of Snacks Do You Travel With?

Some of my best summer memories were created on family road trips.

When you plan a long drive what types of snacks for adults and kids do your shop for?

Do you look for healthy snacks or consider it a time to let go of rules and go with unhealthy options?

Are non-refrigerated options more important to you?

Finally is budget a big factor?

Let me know in the comments below.

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