Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens Review

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Disclosure: I received this package of Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens in my “swag box” from the Toy Insider Sweet Suite event.

As a productivity nut – I am kind of … a little bit … obsessed with planners and planner accessories.

Especially pens. All kinds of pens.

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Ok. So back to this package of Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens

photo of Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens in Package

Why Color is Important for Planning

I like to use different colors for all of my notes and to do items when I do my daily planning.

When everything is all one color, I have a tendency to gloss over my notes and miss important things that I need to do.

So, using pops of color to grab my attention is an effective productivity strategy for me.

But finding a good pen for planning and journaling involves a lot of trial and error.

You want a writing instrument that is a joy to use and is dark enough to show up clearly yet doesn’t seep through the page to the other side.

Of course, the type of paper you use is also a factor, but today we are talking about the pens.

photo of Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens arranged in a circle on a desk.

About the Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens

The package of Crayola Take Note Felt Tip Pens that I received are washable and promised “vivid colors and bold lines”.

I was excited to try them out!

The colors in my package had cute names:

  • Sea the Change (navy blue)
  • Electric Blush (pink)
  • My Valentine (red)
  • Emerald (green)
  • Surf’s Up (light/sky blue)
  • Iris-istable (purple)

The markers, themselves, have a unique shape that make them comfortable to hold – flat on one side and rounded the rest of the way around.

The point of the marker is very firm when you write – so you can make precise and bold lines.

photo of Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pins spread out on desktop

Best of all, the color does not bleed through the paper (at least it didn’t bleed through mine) for regular handwriting. This was very impressive!

If you were to color heavily in one area, I feel like the color might go through depending on the thickness of your paper – but that is the nature of felt tip markers in general.

The color of the writing is bold, bright, and easy to read.

My Overall Impression

Personally, I would feel comfortable using these pens in my Erin Condren LifePlanner and Petite Planner Folio System on a daily basis.

If you have a planner obsessed friend or family member, the Crayola Take Note! Felt Tip Pens would make a fun stocking stuffer or addition to a holiday planner themed gift basket.

And if you are buying for yourself – they are great for your own planner toolbox.

Happy planning!

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photo of Crayola Take Note! Felt tip pens spread out on desktop with pink note paper. Green marker is uncapped and there are doodles on the paper.

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