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I am so happy for the opportunity to review the Erin Condren Life Planner in the Canvas design and hourly layout. I have some coordinating planner accessories to share with you as well.

As you know, I am a huge Erin Condren fan and have been reviewing the new Life Planner Collections for many years now.

Each year the company comes out with new designs, new layouts and a variety of tweaks and improvements to their product line. You can see what’s new for the 2024/2025 Life Planner Launch in this post here.

This year’s designs are:

  • Evolve (which is a fun colorful layout),
  • Bold Blooms (which is richly hued floral theme), and
  • Canvas (which is a very neutral palette).

Typically, I go for the colorful pattern or the florals – but this year I was looking for a clean slate that I could mark up and make my own – so the Canvas Collection really appealed to me.

And now, after seeing it up close and personal, I am really happy with my choice – although, I do love the other designs, too!

Let me walk you through it.

collection of planners and planner accessories

The Design, Size, and Layout That I Chose

After looking at all the options, I went with a 7×9 gold coiled Life Planner in the Canvas design and hourly layout.

My planner, in particular, is an 18 month planner that starts on July 1, 2024 and goes through December 31, 2025.

This year Erin Condren is introducing something new called “Add Ons”. You have the option to add one of these sections to your weekly 7×9 Life Planners.

My planner has the “Goals” add-on which is a section of goal setting pages at the end.

My Decision Process

I started by choosing the design. I really wanted to go neutral this year because I wanted my writing, sticky notes, and stickers to really stand out. So Canvas was the one.

For 2024/2025 the Canvas design is only available in the 7×9 size (it is not available in A5) – so that made the size decision really easy.

I chose the gold coil, because I love the gold coil and have lots of interchangeable covers with gold accents.

And finally, after trying all the layouts, I always gravitate back to the hourly because I love to time block my busier days. I should also note that the hourly layout is only available in the 7×9 size.

An Overview of the Canvas Life Planner

While the Canvas Collection consists of neutral colors, it is not completely devoid of design.

In fact, it sports the vintage Erin Condren asterisks design element throughout the planner.

The Cover

a coiled planner with a light purple cover and a gold coil

The signature cover for the Canvas Collection is a wisteria (sort of a mauvy purple) color with lighter colored asterisks evenly distributed throughout.

However, you don’t need to get this cover. You can get the interior pages in Canvas and customize it with any available interchangeable cover.

The Interior Pages

All of the pages and tabs lean towards gray on white. But the stickers in the back of the Life Planner are muted earthy shades of a bolder peach or orange, green, cream, blue, and purple.

This was a treat because usually the Erin Condren neutral color scheme incorporates a lot of pastels. I was happy to see this year’s Canvas Collection veering away from that direction.

A Closer Look

If you are familiar with the Life Planner of years past – the one for 2024/2025 is laid out in a similar manner with a few changes.

Beginning Sections

planner lying open to pages showing 12 empty boxes for planning

At the beginning of the planner you have the pretty vellum page – and for Canvas this is covered in an all over pattern of asterisks.

Then you have a tab for your mini months (these run from July 2024 to December 2025) and the 2 pages with 6 blank boxes each – you can use these for monthly goals or recording monthly highlights.

Then you move right into your months.

Monthly Sections

a divider page in the Life Planner with a quote on it

Each monthly section begins with a light gray tabbed divider that features the asterisks pattern, the abbreviation for the month and an inspirational quote.

The tab itself is a darker gray with white lettering.

So everything is very neutral.

You open the tab to the 2 page per month spread that is printed in a dark gray ink on white paper. Each week in the monthly layout begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

The next page you come to is your productivity dashboard. For 2024/2025 this page has switched places with the blank lined page that used to be on the left side.

I’m not sure that I love this change TBH. I much preferred it on the left because I did use it heavily – and now the coil kind of gets in the way of you being able to fully use the boxes on the right hand side of the page. But only if you are right handed, I guess.

The next set of pages begins your 2 pages per week layouts for the month.

a planner page showing an hourly layout for the week

The hourly Life Planner weekly spreads begin on Monday and end on Sunday. They run from 6am to 7pm with an additional blank time slot at the end.

At the end of the month you have a lined page and then you move into the next month.

Ending Sections

After December of 2025, you have a small tabbed notes section with 3 sheets (6 pages) of lined pages.

Then, if you ordered an optional “Add-On” (this option is new for 2024/2025) then that tab will follow.

goal tracker planner pages

An Add-On is a paid option – and you can choose ONE of the following types:

  • goal setting pages
  • menu planning pages
  • lined notes or
  • productivity pages

My Life Planner includes the Goal Setting pages Add-On. This is 20 double sided sheets ( which equals 40 pages) of space to set goals – one of the spread is a place to plan your goal and the opposite page is a progress tracker.

Behind the Add-On there is a page that lists holidays and observances, one page to note down any new contacts, and then your mini-months for 2026 (2026! can you believe it?).

Behind this are four sheets of planner stickers and then a dual sided sturdy folder with the signature Erin Condren perpetual calendar tucked into the pocket.

Planner Accessories in the Canvas Design

planner stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape in the Erin Condren Canvas design

I have a whole post dedicated to the new planner accessories included in the 2024/2025 Erin Condren Life Planner launch – so you can check that out for all the details, but I wanted to share a few here with you quickly.

One thing that I am really pleased about is the number of available accessories in the Canvas pattern.

Sometimes I feel like the neutral Life Planner option – in this case, Canvas – is the forgotten step child when it comes to coordinating items.

Usually there are a lot of stickers, planny packs, pens, markers etc in the colorful pattern (Evolve) or the floral (Bold Blooms) but this year there are quite a few in Canvas as well.

markers on top of a paper on top of a planner

In particular, there is the:

What I Would Have Done Differently

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything I received but ….

After previewing the Canvas Collection and the Life Planner that I received, there are a few things that I might have done differently.

The Coil

I have always been a gold coil girl and I really do love it – but I am not sure that it really works well with Canvas.

Given that Canvas is mostly gray, I think that a plain silver coil would look great.

But, on the flip side – EC introduced a fun “Sunrise” coil for 2024/2025 that goes from hot pink at the top to gold at the bottom – and oh boy is it pretty! I think I would have opted for the Sunrise if I had to do it again.

Maybe the Daily Duo

The hourly layout has always been my go-to but after seeing the redesigned Daily Duo, I am kind of having a little FOMO.

With the Daily Duo, I would still get the hourly layout on each page as well as a lot more space for planning.

And now with the weekly summary page, it gives me a place to see my week at a glance as well.

Tough choices, I know.

What Do You Think of the Canvas Collection?

Now that you have taken a closer look – what do you think of the Canvas Collection?

You can also read my review of the Erin Condren A5 Ring Agenda Life Planner with the Evolve Compact Vertical inserts here.

Tell me about the Life Planner that you will be getting in the comments below.

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