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Over the years the Erin Condren Planner line has expanded. What started as the LifePlanner has grown into a variety of styles, sizes, and layouts to fit just about every need.

With so many great choices – how do you choose just one?

Today I will walk you through the options with some reviews, so you can make a more informed decision.

collection of Erin Condren Planners

The 2021 Erin Condren Planner Line Up

The 2021 EC Planner line up includes the following styles:

Within each category, there are SO MANY options for customization, so I will deep dive into each one below.

The Coiled LifePlanner

Erin Condren’s signature planner is the coiled LifePlanner.

Erin Condren Coiled LifePlanner

It is one of my favorites and is so much fun.

With 3 different layouts, 3 different internal designs, and your choice of 4 different coil colors – there is something here that will appeal to everyone.

Each coiled LifePlanner includes a monthly spread, inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout, monthly productivity pages, a sturdy folder at the end, 4 pages of stickers, and the Perpetual Calendar booklet.

The Layouts

The beauty of the coiled LifePlanner is that you can customize it to fit your needs.

Erin Condren coiled LifePlanner showing the interior layouts of hourly and horizontal.

Internally, you can choose from 3 layouts:

  • hourly,
  • vertical,
  • horizontal.

If you are looking for even more space then you can go with the Daily Duo Planner (described below) that has a one page per weekday spread.

The Color Themes

You get a choice of 3 color themes in the coiled LifePlanner

3 coiled Erin Condren LifePlanners showing the interior designs.
  • colorful Layers,
  • neutral Layers, or
  • Flower Power.

Coil Color

Coil color is another feature that you can customize.

Erin Condren LifePlanner stack showing the coil colors.

Your choices are:

  • platinum (silver)
  • gold
  • rose gold
  • black

Interchangeable Covers

As far as covers go – 2021 brings you a wide variety of choices.

a collection of Erin Condren Interchangeable covers

Traditionally, this planner came with an interchangeable cover that you could both personalize and customize.

Throughout the year you could change the look of your LifePlanner simply by changing out your cover.

I have accumulated a huge collection of LifePlanner covers that I switch out monthly (and sometimes even more often).

While this was a great way to express your mood or creativity, some people just wanted a more sleek, elegant, and understated option.

Vegan Leather Covers

For 2021 Erin Condren is introducing an all new vegan leather LifePlanner to fill that void.

Keep in mind that these vegan leather covers are NOT interchangeable – but they are gorgeous!

There are five colors to choose from – four of which come in your choice of embossed mid-century circles or a smooth finish.

  • blush
  • harbor
  • slate blue
  • camel
  • black (smooth finish only).

My favorite is the blush – it is such a pretty pink.

But the smooth black cover combined with the black coil is pretty sharp as well.

Daily Duo LifePlanner

The Daily Duo LifePlanner is a one page per weekday planner, with Saturday and Sunday both sharing a single page.

the Erin Condren Daily Duo planner

If you find that you need more space for your daily planning, then this one might be right for you.

On each weekday page there is a column with an hourly layout and a column for to do items. Both Saturday and Sunday share a single page.

The Daily Duo only comes in the Layers colorful design – but you can customize your covers and the coil as well.

SoftBound LifePlanner

The Erin Condren Softbound LifePlanner has all the features of the coiled LifePlanner in a sleek book.

Erin Condren Softbound LifePlanner

Because of the form factor, it is not as customizable and you don’t get folder, stickers, or perpetual calendar at the end.

This planner comes in two sizes – a smaller A5 and an 8×10 inch book.

If you take your planner on the go – the A5 fits nicely into a purse or backpack.

For this planner, there are several cover color and inside layout combinations to choose from.

Your best bet is to take a look at the available selection and weigh on which ones work best for you.

LifePlanner Binders

If you are not a coiled or a softbound kind of person – then maybe the LifePlanner Binder is a good choice for you.

Erin Condren LifePlanner Binder

You get all the features of the coiled LifePlanner in a binder format.

This is nice because you can insert additional pages wherever you like.

Keep in mind that the ring system is not standard but Erin Condren does sell a specialized hole punch as well as filler sheets that work in the binder.

The binder itself is 8.57×10 inches and the pages are 7×9.

I really like the unconventional size of this binder and use my old ones with the filler paper as notebooks.

Pocket Planner

The Erin Condren Pocket Planner is new this year and it is so cute.

Erin Condren Pocket Planner

This little chunky planner is 3.5×6.25 inches and comes in a Layers neutral, Layers colorful, or Focused Collection camel color.

Inside the layout is 2 pages per week and horizontal in nature.

Like all the other planner this one also has a 2 page per month spread and productivity pages.

Despite it’s small size, I feel like there is still plenty of space for writing and the lay flat design makes it easy.

There is also one attached ribbon bookmark.

This calendar will fit in a smaller purse and makes for a great companion planner for people who use their online calendars as their primary planning tool.

Monthly Planners

Another option in the Erin Condren line up are the Monthly Planners.

Erin Condren Monthly Planner

These planners have a two page per month layout followed by productivity pages and then some blank lined notes pages.

This layout is great for project planning – especially household projects or DIYs.

Focused Collection

The Focused Collection is a set of planners that are simple, elegant, and understated.

The layouts in this collection are similar to the regular softbound LifePlanners.

However, the interior design is very plain. This is perfect for people that want a more professional and less creative look to their planners

Specialty Planners

In addition to all of the planners listed above – Erin Condren also has a few specialty planners.

Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner

The Teacher Lesson Planner is a fantastic way to keep your classroom organized.

And if you are a student, EC has a few versions of Academic Planners.

There is a really awesome Parent Planner – that I wish was available when my kids were little.

Speaking of kids, you can start the habit of planning early with this really cute Kids Planner.

Petite Planners

Finally, Erin Condren also has a set of planners known as Petite Planners.

set of Erin Condren Petite Planner Folios

These booklets can be used standalone or inside the Erin Condren Petite Planner Folio System (see my review here).

Each folio holds 4 Petite Planners.

There are so many choices in Petite Planners:

  • calendars
  • journals
  • meal planners
  • habit trackers
  • wedding planners
  • and so much more.

Which Ones Will You Choose?

When it comes to Erin Condren Planners there are a ton of great options.

I could not settle for just one.

Instead, I use a combination of the coiled Erin Condren LifePlanner, a Petite Planner folio, and the Pocket Planner (because it is so cute that I couldn’t resist!)

I hope this buying guide helped to make your planner decision easier.

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