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Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is the most used room in our house.

So, it tends to get really cluttered, really fast.

I have found that kitchen organization is a work in progress.

There are ways to organize your pantry, cabinets and drawers that make sense.

And, if you use these principles, everything stays good for awhile – until you buy a new dish or some pots and pans – or until you do a Costco sized grocery run!

Here are some kitchen organization tips and product reviews that work for my family.

I have also included some articles about our recent kitchen renovation.


10 Silverware Drawer Organizers to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

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How to Clean Large Stove Grates

Looking for an easy way to clean your large stove grates? Try this (but read your stove manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first!). Cleaning my kitchen is not something that I look forward to – especially the stovetop and surrounding area. Yes. I should keep up with it and wipe it down on a daily basis. But …

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