Why is My Instant Pot Rice Gray?

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If you are like me, you may have picked up an Instant Pot or three over the Black Friday weekend.

Did you try to make Instant Pot rice, only to find that the color was slightly gray? No need to worry - this is why.

Actually, I had two 6 quart Instant Pot DUO60’s before the frenzy hit – and I picked up a new baby 3 quart Instant Pot DUO Mini.

Despite being an Instant Pot fanatic, I had never used it to make white rice, since I also had a rice cooker.

When the 3 quart model arrived, I thought it was time to experiment and I made my first batch of white rice.

But the problem was that the rice looked really gray after cooking.

Gray rice?


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Why Was My Instant Pot Rice Gray?

Of course I turned to the internet to find the answer but I couldn’t find much.

This lack of info was actually a clue for me.

Good News

Clearly, it seemed that not too many people had the problem of gray Instant Pot rice – which is good news.

Since this was the first time that I used my Instant Pot DUO Mini, I thought perhaps it was just user error.

It is possible that I didn’t wash the inner stainless steel pot really well when I took it out of the box – in fact, I admit that I was pretty hasty.

So, I tossed the gray rice and gave it a second try.

The results ….

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No More Gray Instant Pot Rice


Thankfully, my second batch came out much whiter, like white rice should be.

I don’t really know what caused the grayish color in my first batch but I am glad that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The recipe, on the other hand, is a different story.

How to Make Instant Pot Rice

Did you try to make Instant Pot rice, only to find that the color was slightly gray? No need to worry - this is why.

If you have had an Instant Pot for any length of time, you know that it is one big, fun (at least for me), experiment.

You take a recipe and tweak your ingredients and your settings until you find the perfect combination that suits your taste.

Making rice in the Instant Pot is no different.

My first batch came out pretty sticky (and gray).

For the second batch, I used different settings and the white rice was definitely less sticky but not light and fluffy like what I get from my traditional rice cooker.

I am determined to find the perfect recipe through trial and error – and I will share it with you when I do.

My traditional rice cooker is on it’s last legs and my kitchen is small, so using the Instant Pot as a rice cooker would free up a little space for me.

Do You Make Instant Pot Rice?

If you use your Instant Pot to make white rice and you found a combination of settings that work for you – share what works in the comments below.

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