A Simple Way to Organize Your Pyrex Type Lids

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You can use this simple tip to organize your Pyrex lids.

If you have a lot of food storage containers, like me, you might find it hard to keep the lids organized.

Nothing is more frustrating than filling up a container with leftovers and then not being able to find the lid.

It happens!

And then you have to transfer the food to another dish – and wash out your first choice because that wasn’t going to work.

After dinner clean up then ends up taking way longer than you wanted it to.

The thing about Pyrex lids is that they don’t really stack with the containers, so you are left to come up with some creative storage ideas.

Well, I just picked up this set of glass storage containers from Amazon and I knew something had to change.

There was no way I was going to continue to have a disorganized mess on my hands.

So, I started looking for a Pyrex lid organizer.

But nothing really jumped out for me. So, I came up with this.

How to organize Pyrex lids.

This Simple Hack Works For Me

Find an inexpensive rectangular food storage container or bin.

You are going to discard the lid for this one and just use the container part. (Chances are that you probably have a lid-less one sitting around the house somewhere.)

I use something like this one – mine is pretty old, so I can’t tell if it is this one exactly, but it looks pretty close.

Just make sure that the rectangular container that you choose is longer than the diameter of your largest Pyrex lid.

Now, put all your Pyrex lids into the rectangular container vertically and place it on your kitchen cabinet shelf next to all your glass Pyrex food storage containers.

The vertical presentation makes it really easy to find the exact lid you are looking for.

And, if your kids (or significant other) help you with the chores, it’s pretty obvious where they need to put the clean lids and where they can find them when they need them, too

Easy, right?

DIY Pyrex Lid Organizer

More Kitchen Organization Ideas

Are You Missing Lids?

The thing with glass food storage containers is that the glass seems to last forever, but over time the plastic lids tend to break down and crack.

Years of heated dishwasher cycles and cold refrigerator storage really do take a toll.

When this happens, you can just start over – which is what I ended up doing this time around (thank you Amazon Prime Day!) or you can get replacement Pyrex lids  or Anchor or any other brand for that matter.

It is more economical to get new lids, and it is better for the environment, too.

Do You Have a Creative Solution?

Do you have a creative way to organize Pyrex lids? If so, tell us in the comments below.

The thing is – the space that we all have is different.

After my kitchen remodel, I store my Pyrex and Anchor Hocking food storage containers in my upper cabinets. But some people may use a deep drawer or a pantry shelf instead..

That is why it is always helpful to hear different ideas.

I look forward to hearing some of yours!

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  1. I keep the lids on each container and just put them on top of same shape and size. Piling them two or even
    three tiers doesn’t seem to affect the lids one bit. Been doing that for years.
    Lids have been in fridge and freezer on and off for years and the are just fine, but maybe washing by hand in warm soapy water instead of boiling hot water is what saved them.

  2. Hi, Neena! That is a great solution. It’s almost like a little bookshelf for plastic lids, which I guess just magically grow legs and walk off to another part of my house. (OK, that’s not true, but it seems like it on busy evenings.) Your posts are definitely written from a busy Supermom perspective, so that’s someone I love reading new content from and making a new blogger friend with. Thanks for the post, and have a great Monday!

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