Which Erin Condren LifePlanner is Best for You?

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Choosing a planner is a highly personal decision. But for 2021/2022 Erin Condren made that decision even tougher with their all new line of LifePlanners – there are so many amazing choices! How can you pick just one?

While I can’t tell you which one is the best planner for you – I can walk you through my own decision process and how I settled on the 7×9 coiled Erin Condren LifePlanner in the all new Flora design and the hourly layout.

It might help you to sort through the options and narrow down the selection.

Let’s Start With The LifePlanner That I Chose

Erin Condren LifePlanner Flora design

After studying all the choices, options, combinations, and more, I picked the 7×9 coiled Flora LifePlanner in the hourly layout that you see in the photo above.

If you want to see it up close and personal you can read my 2021/2022 Erin Condren LifePlanner Review here. I posted lots of pictures so you can see inside.

But making the decision wasn’t easy.

I love the new A5 Ring Agenda style and also the new A5 coiled LifePlanners, too.

So, instead of picking the my perfect planner – I started eliminating the ones that weren’t going to fit my exact needs.

Basically, I used a process of elimination to find the best planner for me.

If you are not familiar with the new line up, I explain all of the options available in the 2021/2022 Erin Condren LifePlanner in this article.

Start With Your Most Important Feature

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the best LifePlanner for you is that not all of the designs come in all of the sizes, layouts, and formats.

So, start with the thing that is most important to you.

If you really want an A5 Agenda – narrow down your choices by only looking at the options that are available in that format.

Maybe the interior layout is something you don’t want to negotiate on – let’s say you just have to have the vertical layout – then start there. Eliminate any formats that don’t offer that layout.

Starting With the Design

For me, the design was top on the list.

The minute I saw the new Flora design, I knew that I wanted a Flora LifePlanner.

I have always liked having flowers on my planners – because I really, really like flowers.

Neutral or pastel colors also top my list.

And the Flora design features a beautiful pastel color palette that is muted and so pretty.

The design stays in the background so your planning – colored pens, stickers, and stickies – all take center stage.

So, I started choosing my perfect planner choosing Flora and eliminating these other new designs (which are equally gorgeous!):

  • Mid Century Circles – colorful
  • Just My Type Colorful
  • Just My Type Neutral

Choosing the Size, Format, and Layout

The Erin Condren LifePlanner comes in a variety of sizes, layouts, and formats.

The sizes and formats are as follows:

  • Coiled – 7×9, A5, and 8.5×11 pages not including the coil
  • A5 ring agenda (the pages are A5 but the cover is about as large as the 7×9 planner)
  • Binder – 7×9 pages with the actual binder being a bit larger

If you are wondering what size is an A5 planner – this article explains it in more detail.

The interior layout choices are as follows:

  • Horizontal,
  • Vertical,
  • Hourly, and
  • Daily.

Again, not all of the layouts are available in all of the sizes and all of the designs.

This chart sums up the options:

Over of the years, I have tried all of the layouts and I really do like them all.

But, this year, my youngest child is heading off to college – so I don’t have multiple children’s schedules to coordinate or family members to manage.

I am not a student and I work for myself.

For the first time in a long time – my planner is truly my own.

So, while I love the Daily Duo and the daily options in the A5 Agenda and the LifePlanner Binder – I really don’t need all of the space that a daily layout offers.

If I eliminate the Daily, I am left with Horizontal, Vertical, or Hourly.

The Horizontal layout will give you the most choices – it is available in all 3 of of the coiled sizes (the coiled LifePlanner is available in a smaller A5 size and a larger 8.5×11 size this year in addition to the traditional 7×9 size), the Binder, and the A5 Agenda.

However, the Vertical and Hourly layouts are only available in the 7×9 coiled or the Binder.

And the Binder is only available in the Mid Century Circles design.

But typically, I like to use my LifePlanner for time blocking my days. It is how I stay the most productive.

I also like to see a two page per week spread so I can visually plan the things that I need to do.

So, at this point I am leaning towards the coiled 7×9 Flora LifePlanner in the Hourly layout.

(But that A5 Agenda though …. I am seriously tempted!)

The Interchangeable Covers for the LifePlanner

The thing that cemented my decision – the straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will, is the Interchangeable Covers.

I have a HUGE collection of interchangeable covers (including this set of vintage Erin Condren covers) that fit the 7×9 coiled LifePlanner and I love changing up the look of my LifePlanner from month to month.

To be fair, these covers will also fit on the coiled notebooks and the Monthly Planner- but I really like using them on my planner. You can read my Erin Condren Notebook review here and my Erin Condren Monthly Planner Review here.

Decision made!

Through this process of elimination I honed in on the best planner for me – the 7×9 coiled Erin Condren LifePlanner in the Flora design and the hourly layout.

I hope that this helped you to narrow down your choices as well.

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Which LifePlanner do you plan to get?

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