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I can't believe how easy it is to make toasted coconut. Here is the recipe. Your friends will be impressed.

Toasted Coconut Recipe

Last week I made a recipe that called for toasted coconut for my son’s graduation. I had never made toasted coconut before (believe it or not) and actually never gave it much thought. The fact is – it is really, super easy to make. I never realized the many ways that I could use toasted …

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Easy Banana Bread Recipe

This is my family’s favorite Banana Bread Recipe. It comes out amazing just about every time – so I thought that I would share it with you. A bonus is that it is really easy and it doesn’t take long to make. The Ingredients The first thing that I did was pull together all of …

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healthy apple coffee cake recipe

Apple Coffee Cake Recipe

I have been making this Apple Coffee Cake Recipe for years and it is one of my favorites. You know what I’m saying? This recipe is perfect for an after dinner treat. The process is simple. THE CRUMBLE TOPPING I like to make the crumble topping first so it is ready to sprinkle on top …

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Make poached eggs using silicone egg cups - comes out perfect every time!

How to Make Poached Eggs

This is how to make poached eggs for breakfast simply and easily. I love poached eggs. And while they are a pretty simple dish – making them is a little complicated. If you don’t have the right equipment. I know that there are ways to make them without a special poached egg cup thingy – …

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