10 Organizing Tasks to Squeeze Into Each Day

10 daily organizing tasksLet’s face it, organizing can be painful.

You can have the greatest system in the world, but it won’t work if you don’t maintain it.

And nobody likes the maintenance part of it.

The best way to tackle the daily grind is to break down your tasks into bite sized pieces.

If you make the work manageable, you won’t procrastinate. [Read more…]

LinkedIn Tip: Don’t Get Stuck

LinkedIn Tip: stuck on import contactsToday I had to post this LinkedIn Tip because it is something that I find very frustrating.

You see, LinkedIn has a sneaky way of tricking you into inviting new connections when you don’t realize that you are doing it.

I am all for expanding my LinkedIn network – but I don’t like being “tricked” into it.

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How To Organize Your Email Inbox

email inboxLast week I attended a time management seminar.

Someone in the audience asked a question: “How can I clean out my email inbox efficiently? I have over 6 thousand unread emails in there.”

“That’s nothing,” someone else replied, “I have over 70 thousand in mine.”

Seventy thousand unread emails!

It’s an epidemic, really.

We are bombarded everyday with tons of email. More than we can possibly read.

It’s a shame.

Because some of it comes from companies and people that we actually want to hear from – just maybe not so often.

So how can we regain control of our email? Is it possible?

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