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How To Follow Your Favorite Blogs

how to follow other blogsA successful blogger is also a reader.

You need to know what is happening out there in your line of business.

To slingshot your own blog to success you need to:

  • comment on other blogs in your niche
  • link to articles by other bloggers from within your own posts
  • follow other bloggers in your niche on social media
  • develop offline relationships with this group of peers
  • and keep up to date with what your competition is doing

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Does Your Real Estate Agent Clean Your House?

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The Many Roles of Blogging

In it's purest form blogging sounds like bliss. Especially if you love writing. A blog is a way to express yourself. A online place to document your thoughts, opinions, research - whatever your heart desires. But it is hard to sustain a blog without readers. It's not only about the writing. … [Read More...]

wordpress costs

The True Cost of a WordPress Blog

Blogging is free, right? The general rule is that a free blog is not the best vehicle for a small business. As always there are exceptions. But most people that start out free eventually move onto a more robust platform like self hosted WordPress. And once you get there, you start to pay. … [Read More...]