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The Many Roles of Blogging

blogging-rolesIn it’s purest form blogging sounds like bliss. Especially if you love writing.

A blog is a way to express yourself. A online place to document your thoughts, opinions, research – whatever your heart desires.

But it is hard to sustain a blog without readers. It’s not only about the writing. It’s the conversations, the connections, and the relationships that you develop that make blogging worthwhile. [Read More...]

wordpress costs

The True Cost of a WordPress Blog

Blogging is free, right? The general rule is that a free blog is not the best vehicle for a small business. As always there are exceptions. But most people that start out free eventually move onto a more robust platform like self hosted WordPress. And once you get there, you start to pay. … [Read More...]

truetwit validation

How To Stop TrueTwit Validation on Twitter

Anyone that is on Twitter has probably received a DM telling them that so and so uses TrueTwit validation. In order to ensure that you are not a bot, you must sign into the service and verify your human-ness. Once you do so, then so and so will follow you back. You know how I respond to … [Read More...]

evernote logo

Organize Your Business With Evernote

Evernote is an essential app that every small business owner needs to explore. When you run a business you need a place to keep your stuff. Receipts, notes, ideas, invoices, web pages, documents - after a while all the paper will get the best of you. Literally. If you spend the majority of … [Read More...]