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Social Media for Local Businesses

Social Media TrafficIf you haven’t been raised on social media, it’s hard to “get” the gist of it.

Recently, I’ve had a few conversations with different local business owners about social media. These people are extremely busy conducting business.

They feel that they don’t have time for social media, and yet they want to have a presence because everyone is doing it.

Once such person who owns a small service related business, was considering working with someone that would post on her behalf.

She wanted to hire someone on a commission basis. If a certain social media post resulted in a sale, then she wanted to offer a percentage of the sale to the social media professional that created the post.

(I bet you can see me cringe.) [Read More...]

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What Is Double Opt In?

Double opt in works like this: when you sign up for an email newsletter, you will likely arrive at a page that thanks you. It will also tell you that a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. And it will ask you to check your email and click the confirmation link to be added to … [Read More...]

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5 Ways To Gain More Time

Read any blog about business and you will see a recurring theme: delegate. Delegate work to other people so you have time to focus on the right things. [Tweet "Delegate work to other people so you have time to focus on the right things."] So simple. I bet you think I'm going to give you … [Read More...]